Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eve and a tree

Do you remember Eve? Yes, the same one that gave Adam the apple, the apple of lust, passion and some other stuff which we won't talk about right now. I always imagine her as a seductive fabulous tramp. She has hair extansios with hues to die for. She has this hot M.A.C lipstick shade I really want and gorgeos stockings from "Agent Provacateur". Her hair accessories are quite nice and she has the most hypnotyzing eyes. If I were a man I would have taken an apple from her hand in a heart beat, wouldn't you?

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oh my, you are super talented! i really love this :) adorable blog ♥

Sandra Valerie said...

hahha i love the boobs..sry but i really love them XD
and thx for the cmmt on my blog! yes i have made the blog-design on my own.
hope to hear from you again - i'll visit your blog again ;)



hi there gala.....thanks for comment on my blog... in fact i feel very glad ;)
u got such great blog here as well!
;) from now on,for sure i will keep update on your blog.. coz its great

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

really love this artwork! traditional vs. modern look!

Sarah said...

haha, this is so great! xx

Sally said...

Your are so talented! I hope your career takes off soon :)

Sally & Chloe

Mystery Bruises said...

woahh the skys the limit for you!
you have such a unique tallent! you will go very far, i love your drawings and how they have a story, fantastic keep up the good stuff im a huge fan xxx