Monday, April 12, 2010

I just love mixing up all sorts of patterns and prints. I love fashion and try to interpret it into my illustrations. This hot blond is no exception. Her Victorian inspired look is emphasized by the hairdo and the dress. Adding a bright color palette to spice it up along with the crazy lipstick and the Elton John/Lady Gaga specs. I kinda want this hairdo for myself. Maybe I'll try to get into the wigs business :) It will be great to hear your comments. I also added this thing where you can tick the box that is closest to your description of my post, it helps me to know what you like most. Lol and have a fabulous week, I know we will :)))

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The Man from Amsterdam said...

oh my great illustration! that is a crazy hairdo :)

Paola said...

uuuuh! it looks so psychedelic
it makes me want to hang it in my room.
it's really really cool.

Natalie said...

omg i love ur illustrations!! sooo soo cute :)

Bego said...

I can't say enough!!! I just love it!!
i'm a new follower! :D
please check out my blog-->

Anonymous said...

love all these illustrations, so crazy and colourful!

lauren carney said...

oh oh oh
gala, your artworks are so incredibly vibrant!
so grand.
i loved every picture that was posted!
thanks for sharing <3